Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloom Day March 2011

And here they are! First the front yard's bounty:

dad's sunny euryops

and his white roses are starting to wake up

his shaggy white daisies

a new Coleonema compacta I couldn't pass up for my mom

purple statice that is taking over its flower bed like nobody's business

California poppies Mission Bells
(I try to grow a different color poppy for mom and naturally it's only the orange of the color blend that I get)

a new sweet lavender

perennial candytuft
y'know last year I didn't think much of these guys but I find I like them winding through other plants

pink geraniums

And now my purty edibles:

snap peas

and again

mmm...strawberry Fragola Quattro Stagioni

radish Watermelon
the edible root part is as big as my fist right now!

bunching onion
hehe, my army buddy was all excited when he saw this one until he touched it and said "awuh, it's soft I thought it'd be pointy" :(

my first lemon Pink Lemonade blossom!
never much cared for variegated leaves but these are growing on me...

And my personal ornamentals in my container garden:

a new geranium, eventually to go into the front for mom

Iceland poppies and lobelia Crystal Palace

red ranunculus

peachy-red ranunculus
(camera never captures this hue quite right)

a pansy Bewitched and some failed viola Amber Jewels

another of my fail pansy Bewitched

alyssum Tiny Tim and lobelia Crystal Palace

my endearing bluebells :)

 alyssum Oriental Nights

a successful viola Amber Jewels!

And finally my nasties, they have somehow sunk their roots into my heart and have quickly becoming a highly favored plant:
nasturtium Tall Single

an Alaska (it looks like a fairy hat!) with some lobelia Cambridge Blue

another Alask, it was my most "moundy"one until I had to prune it from an aphid attack :/
and my most favorite nasty <3
it's an Alaska that started vining instead of mounding, it's 4 feet long and I love how it hugs the turquoise pot!

this little fellow is my "red sheep" it's growing on the same vine as the yellow nasties in the above pic

how could anyone not like these cheery little fellows?!

And to think, little more than a year ago nasturtiums weren't even on my radar...

Happy Bloom Day all!

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  1. Nice collection of pictures. I may just have to try to nasturtiums myself.


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