Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green Babies up for Adoption

About two months ago I started planning to have a big yardsale. In the process I thought it would be great to sell some seedlings - there was a bowl full of seeds from last year's "Autumn" variety that would never all be used in my yard. About of about 30 paper cups I ended up with a couple dozen with babies. And on the day of the yardsale...I was so occupied with so many things that I forgot to set out the seedlings!

So there are a couple dozen baby "Autumn" sunflowers in need of good home 'cause I can't keep and grow them all. Let me know if you're in the Southbay area and you'd like one (or several). Last year their mothers grew to 5'-8' feet tall and had multiple flower heads. The bees were in love with them, can't remember any time between sunrise and sunset that they didn't have several bees hovering around. Below is a picture of them, for comparisson the fence is 42" high.

Wow, we always had the cats fixed so we wouldn't have this type of problem and it's happened anyway!

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