Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Succulent Arrangement

I meant to post this last week but things were too busy. Anyway, finally got around to making a succulent arrangement. My unbiological brother keeps talking about one he wants to make (well actually his is going to be a succubus arrangement-but that's another story) and he kept getting me thinking that my aloe must be lonely in its wide pot....

On the way home from the office one evening I stopped at Lowe's for some other errand and noticed their succulent racks. I was ecstatic to find they had the exact one I've been looking for everywhere! Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid - I like that the leaves are rather slim not plump and have that bit of frilliness and touch of color. Apparently that's the hybrid part. My friends have 3 at their house that I really like but couldn't find anywhere for the longest. I spent way too long picking out a third plant to go with them and ended up getting a fourth I spied while at the register :/

Anyway I think the arrangement worked out well enough for now. I was going to place the echeveria centered and discovered the aloe has started a new offset which I decided to allow to grow. Maybe I'll fudge with it later, I'm waiting to see how the new ones grow in first.

Far Rear Left: Felis silvestris catus "solar itis"

Back: Aloe Vera
Front Left to Right: Echeveria gibbiflora, sedum makinoi, sedum morganianum "burrito"

Retro pot hand-painted by yours truly :)


  1. Looks great Mary! And I can tell that this will look AWESOME in a few months when the plants have filled in.

  2. Thanks Fern - I'll remember to update with more pics when they do.


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