Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Sightings!

I've had four sightings in the last 3 weeks that have made me do happy dances :) Sadly, each time I had no camera in my hands :/

Three weeks ago I saw my Cooper's hawk fly overhead just before sunset. I assume he/she was heading to wherever the nest is for the night. I hadn't seen it for awhile and was worrying over it.

The week after that I got up to water my green children one morning and found hover flies everywhere in my container garden! They were going after my alyssum and too fast to catch on camera :/ I saw many different sizes and colors so I think that means there's a good variety in my mini-habitat :)

Last week I stopped by home in the middle of day and there was the Cooper's hawk again! It flew out of dad's avocado tree (online info says they like to ambush little birds inside tree canopies) and sat on our fence briefly before flying off to chase a crow. That was amazing to see. Despite the fact that it's trying to make a meal out of my little army (as I call the sparrows and morning doves that come to our feeder) I really like having that hawk around. I would just prefer it to eat more pigeons instead...

Aaand... this morning while watering my green children again I heard a weird buzzy noise and looked up and - hummingbird! First I've seen this year. It was checking out the Alaska nasturtiums in the backyard :) I'm surprised to have it visit the container garden when I've hung a hummingbird feeder in the front yard :z

I must add more nasturtiums.... and transplant the red salvia I got last week....

Happy wildlife sightings to everyone!

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