Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mar Vista Garden Showcase

Next weekend on Saturday, April 30th is the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase. If you are in or near LA County with would be an awesome day event for you running from 11am to 4pm and it's FREE!

They have multiple tours going on focused on different aspects of green gardening like native planting and solar power. If you click on the different tour maps it has lists of the gardens included and each one's special features so you can plan what you really want to see ahead of time! (so kind, thank you!) It seems many of the home garden in the tours have been featured in Sunset and other gardening mags, including this one that was in the LA Times.

I think I am going to skip my city's Youth Day Parade this year to check it out! And I think I'll be riding my bici through.... any other LA gardeners wanna meet up and join me?!


  1. What a cool event - wish I was on the west coast! I hope you'll post a report about what you saw there!

  2. @red - I most definitely will, and very likely other gardeners in the area will also :)


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