Monday, May 16, 2011

Belated Bloom Day May 2011

 I didn't have time or access to a computer yesterday, but damnit I want to share my flowers! So here they go :) First the backyard containers:

cosmo Seashells Blend

common chives & lobelia

I think these may be a creeping Jenny, they came home hiding in fountain grass from the nursery two years ago. I like the peach colored flowers which only open in sunlight (it was cloudy when I took the pic)

And this is a calendula Kablooma,  not quite what I was hoping it would be :/

 annual blue salvia among my tomatos

 common thyme

 heliotrope :)


 the new tomatoes are finally blooming!

nasturtium Alaska

I allow some oxalis with lavender/pink flowers to hang around

 I'm highly surprised that my pansies Bewitch'd are still around this late into spring

 lots of alyssum this year, bringing tons of hover flies  :)


Three of these have come up so far. I think they may be volunteers from my guara last year (which have since been transplanted to the rental property). The plants are tall and thin, the flowers miniscule and they keep disappearing (see the stumps?). The blooms don't look like the guara though. Any ideas out there?

strawberry Fragola Quattro Stagioni
The other Sequoia are blooming too, but forgot to photo them

 my peach miniature roses (99 cent store find!) are starting to bloom again :)

I think this is the purtiest onion flower head I've seen :)

and my new yellow milkweed (more on this emergency purchase later)

And now the front  yard:

Da's shastas are going nuts

 the sweet pea Princess Elizabeth

They had been blooming wonderfully, but yesterday they were down to the last and it was time to cut them down. That was the last photo I took, and of course saved some seed pods.

 the geraniums (unknown variety) by the front gate are back in their full glory

 Da's lavender rosebush is happy again

 I've added kalanchoe from the 99 Cent Store along the strip behind the sliding gate

 the blue butterfly bush is coming out nicely again :)

 we've got a profusion of calendula Zeolights by way of a seed trade with Mike - thanks dude!

 Yarrow in the gate strip

 a volunteer nasturtium Alaska that popped up by the yarrow

 Da's new Peace rose just planted a few weeks ago, the snap dragons around it aren't blooming yet :(

 this second year scabiosa Isaac's House it finally blooming, I was hoping for a more bluish tint

 and no clue why but the bluebells have been doing terribly this spring, perhaps too wet?
anyway, finally got some going with Da's new Beloved rosebush

 still ridiculously happy the larkspur Shades of Blue which are actually purple :/ re-seeded itself :)

 new sweet lavender in the front

 the statice that refuses to die :)

I finally have borage! and it's a bee magnet as promised :)

 a new geranium I got for Ma, forget the variety...

zinnia Art Deco is finally opening up :)


lobelia Crystal Palace recently transplanted below the white rosebush

 and Da's white roses

and of course you can't leave without admiring my Felis catus "Watching You"

Other things blooming that didn't photograph well are my new spanish lavendar and lavender Lemon Leigh, columbine, morning glory Heavenly Blue and an unknown purple morning glory.

The poppy Mission Bells and Lauren's Grape were already spent and whacked down for the year :'(

I was very frustrated that my bolted lettuces and sunflower for the Community Container Garden project are budding budding budding - and not yet bloomed in time :P

Happy Belated Bloom Day to everyone!


  1. Lovely post! I really must remember to plant some Borage this you find it re-seeds itself much?

  2. Thank you :) I have no idea, this is my first time growing borage.


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