Monday, May 23, 2011

Southbay Gardeners

Hi there. So I've been exploring Folia which is another online gardening community. It has some similarities to the Dave's Garden website, but quite a bit more user friendly. There's the free subscription which so far seems very useful especially for new gardeners to keep track of things. There's also a few more bells and whistles if you want a paid subscription which is by a donation to the site for whatever you can afford ( I think I may actually do that next pay period).

Anyway, one of the reasons I started blogging about my green children is I want to connect with other gardeners, and especially others in my area. Because my growing climate is very different from most of the county and general advise can be confusing. I had found one gardening group near me on gardening, but their meetings have been kind of sporadic, and many of them quite a distance from me. On Folia I was able to make my own free group, and so I did. If you're in the LA check out Southbay Gardeners  :)

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