Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After a long long long period of debate my parents finally decided to re-landscape the yard this year. We were supposed to start in January right after pruning the roses but there was yet more debate on the layout so it was delayed until now. We're starting completely from scratch - everything goes (well, not the potted plants). They ripped up the main area of the yard yesterday. Say buh-bye:

We're widening the walkway along the front of the house (seriously long-gone designer, did you think 22 inches would be comfortable?), re-grading so water doesn't get stuck or flow towards the house, replacing the fence with a purty one (with a sliding driveway gate and a separate walk-through gate <3), putting a new walkway from the new gate to the door, building raised flower beds for the roses and building some for other plants, and building an arbor with built-in bench. You know, just to spruce up ;)

The only part I'm not excited about is that my personal corner flower bed will also be wiped out with the new fencing and raised beds. I have scooped out all the plants that I could to re-plant in the new beds later - but there are several I can't. I'm especially sad about the poppies, I started them last fall and they're nice and healthy - I'm sure they'd be gorgeous during bloom - but because of the tap root I know they're most likly die anyway if I tried to transplant them. Better to leave it to the contractor when I'm not home :/ Most likely it's coming out today or tomorrow. Buh-bye:

I'll update on the progress of the yard soon.

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