Monday, March 22, 2010

Landscaping in Progress

Updating on my parent's landscaping - about 3 weeks ago now everything in the front yard was completely torn out and we had a heap of "stuff" in the middle. My cat certainly enjoyed playing Queen of the Mountain that week. Then everything not needed was taken away last week and they finally got the new fence up and then put in the flower beds <3. I am so happy we now have a walk-through gate instead of having to open up the driveway gate to get in. The roses are now elevated to my dad can get to them for pruning without straining his back so much and they'll have good drainage. And of course we now have plenty of room for other types of plants now. That last bit is the sideyard - aka my personal space and where all the containers have been squished into while the work is going on.

Saturday, after clearing the driveway for another portion of the work, I was able to till and plant a couple of the new beds. I thought alot about the color and texture mixes, Fern's blog helped. On the left my dad requested we put the smaller of the two Butterfly Bush in. My dad had claimed I killed it when I tried pruning it a couple months ago - but it sprouted new growth! Tiene ganas de vivir papa! To the sides he wanted cosmos so I put in the new Cosmos and in front of those the Shasta Daisies he's been growing for so long. And finally the Cupid's Dart along the front. It should be a nice cool mix of colors when they all grow in. I might tuck in some white Alyssum when they've really gotten a foothold in. Behind that planter (street side) there are 3 peat pots of Portulaca  and between them Ranunculus. Behind the higher Rose planters are Calendula.

The right photo has 3 Autumn Sunflowers, Dill tucked into the very back corners (to attract ladybugs near the Roses). Some Bright Lights Cosmo seeds were sowed between the Sunflowers.  Then several Statice to the middle and front corners and a couple of Calendula at the front. This bed should be very colorful!

I got lucky - Sunday was overcast all day so the transplant all got a break! Today is supposed to be sunny and high 60's so I'm crossing my fingers that they're taking root and all going to make it - especially the itty bitty Portulaca babies...

I'm hoping to get the other two beds planted this weekend...

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  1. Sounds beautiful! And like a lot of hard work. My back hurts just thinking about everything you've done in your parents' yard.


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