Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Some Tidbits

Ok, I'm still behind on a general status of my Green Children...working on it... but until then -

Recently in my world:

cleverly disguised caterpillars threw a wrench into my broccoli seed harvesting plan...
ok, they weren't solely responsible-the aphids helped
incidently I also discoverd cute fuzzy caterpillars freak out my momma >:)

Luckily I still like the fuzzy terrors so they went to the Sacrificial Cabbages.

Yes, I now have Sacrificial Cabbages, 4 of them. I keep finding caterpillars and the Sunflower leaves were already looking a bit frumpy so I had to expand. Can't get the darned cabbages to grow proper heads anyways...

I have given several gifts of Green Childrens to a friend and every visit I am astounded by how much bigger they are growing than ones I kept for myself! I mean seriously, my mint at home is struggling and his is overflowing. o.O

Believe it or not there is a strawberry pot within this Mint Monster.

I told ya!

Other Green Children that have gone steroids crazy with my friend include another mint (Lemon Balm), dill, and...I can't remember - it's almost lunch, I need food...

And lastly, a rare sight. So rare that many people believe the adults of the specie spontaneous spring from pools of standing gutter water. I present to you my encounter with a baby pigeon:

That's one of the parents behind it.

That's one thing I kind of like about Lowe's so far. The one I go to has a decent sized pigeon population in it's garden center and they seem to live and let live. Just hope no one wants to move this pallet soon.

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