Friday, June 18, 2010

More Bouquets

I have so many flowers blooming in my parent's yard that I may have started going over-board in picking bouquets.... There are currently 4 at home, 2 on my desk, and 1 each on a couple of coworker's desks...and the occasional one to a friend's house... At least I can find nice little vases at the 99 Cent Store :) hehehehe enjoy:

just a wittle big for my office...

but perfect for the dining room!
sunflower 'Autumn Beauty' and Meus abbas 'Grumpy'

Lots of Statice (lasts forever! almost), zinnia Cut and Come Again and larkspur Shades of Blue (which are actually royal purple and lavender? o.O). Also a few random calendula and ranunculus.

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  1. I LOVE cut flowers. If you are looking for cheap vases, also check out goodwill! They always seem to have a big selection. I buy tons of them and give them to people, full of flowers.

  2. Hmmm, yeah! I go by Goodwill quite a bit but usually don't pay attention to vases.... mwuahaha, the last-miute gift stash will soon be full... thanks!


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