Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I won Honey!!

It seemed like I'd entered nearly every garden blog contest I came across this summer - and finally a success! Two weeks ago I won The Dandelion Wrangler's Honey Give-Away :D !

And if that wasn't thrilling enough - the package arrived on dad's birthday! Just the person I intended to share it with <3

That really brightened the day for us :) Dad loves honey and as soon as I get a chance to cook up some buñuelos we're going to be testing the three flavors out!

Thank you so much Laura!!


  1. Yay! Happy birthday to your Dad! I'm glad you get to share it with someone you love!

  2. Your newest post about the hawk does not seem to allow comments and you asked what bird you have captured on camera. You have a Cooper's Hawk. Peregrine falcons have different markings, no stripes on the tail which is shorter. You could check out shots on my blog or website to compare. I've spent hundreds of hours photographing peregrines up in San Francisco and they are quite stunning to see.

    Here is a post regarding a sighting of a peregrine near my house...


    Here is a post comparing peregrines to cooper's hawks and red-tailed hawks.


    And here is my website with hundreds of shots of the peregrines.


    Glenn Nevill


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