Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Another Gopher Moment

Go-For, actually. At my office job I end p doing all sorts of tasks and errands. This week that included stopping in at the Building & Safety Department of Rancho Palos Verdes. Now that it's stopped raining and I'm not clenching the wheel of my car in fear of on-coming traffic in 50ft fog visibility... it's quite a nice view. Couldn't help taking some personal time for a short walk on the South Spur Trail.

to the south that's Santa Catalina Island where the buffalo roam in the distance 

a view north from behind city hall buildings, there's the Santa Monica Bay and waaaay over thar is Malibu

looking southwest there's point San Vicente Lighthouse

 believe it or not that's the gorgeous view of Catalina from the lightly used parking lot to the senior center

see all that brownish gray out there?
that's dried out fennel or dill...probly fennel...which is considered invasive along the trails here

On the way back to work I pulled over at scenic view on Hawthorne Blvd for these:

 there's looking southwest towards San Pedro...

All in all, a nice morning break from my work week :)

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