Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming Plans


So I've returned to the country after a holiday trip, and my evening class is over, and many other distractions are taken care of... Now I think I'm officially back from hiatus :)

Been spending time thinking about how best to keep myself on track in different areas of my life. As far gardening here's my overall plan to get on track:

  • Bulletin Board - calendar, LA monthly planting guides, monthly garden to-do list, booklist, visit wish list.
  • Garden - use the darn bulletin board to keep up to date on projects and garden chores.
  • Learning - try to read a new garden book a month, and visit at least one new garden related place or meet with other gardeners.
  • Budget - I started a new 2011 budget for myself. I want to keep track especially of my garden expenses vs. returns.
  • Blog - use bulletin board info for a monthly overall plan entry and help keep up with entries, also to berate self in sticking to my to-do list.
So here's what I've I'm hoping to accomplish as far as projects for the January:
  1. Make a cool bulletin board - using stuff I have and possible from dollar or thrift shop if I need to.
  2. Make a second composting container (oh that's right, I've finally got one going - more on that later)
  3. Build a pot trellis for John.
  4. Make seed bombs with Jean
  5. Build two LED Grow Boxes
  6. Get my spring Green Babies sowed!
 This weekend's focus will be on numbers 4, 5 & 6. I think 1 through 3 will come next weekend. Hmmm, I think I've started my list off a bit backwards....meh.

Here's a preview of my plot.... uh, plan that is for numba 3:

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