Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Online Calendar

 So as I mention earlier I have some ideas on keeping my self more on-track with all my gardening work. One of them is keeping a bulletin board with a calendar and other often needed reference info near my back door. It's a strategical location - I mostly go in and out for gardening there, and it is also near the bathroom I use for indoor sowing, and my computer.

Speaking of computer, I'm pretty much the last person in LA to be getting home internet :9 That's why my posts are usually in the day from work, or at random odd late hours from a friend's house. But internet should be installed in my home this or next month which will make posting much easier to keep up with.

It will also make it very easy to use Google Calendars to keep a record of my endeavors :) Plans, and completed work. For sure I'll be using a physical calendar for the day-to-day notes and to reference without waiting for the computer to load. But every week or two I can update what actually happened in Google without having extra paper to store. I'm hoping that next year I can look back on this year and make better decisions.

So, the new calendar is public and now posted on my blog below the entry and comments :)

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