Monday, July 12, 2010

Want to Adopt My Mums?

Last year I bought several mums for fall color in the yard. When we did the landscaping this year they were displaced. I'm going to get a couple of them back into the yard after some of the summer annuals die down. But there a couple that my mom and I have discovered we don't really care for. Nothing wrong with them, the colors just aren't doing it for us.

But alas I cannot kill these healthy little plants, so if there's anyone near the Southbay, CA area interested here they are:

This one is an odd sort of orangey color.

And this one is a rather nice dusty/mauve pink color. When the flower buds are first forming the color looks like it will be the same as the orange, but it changes to this as they open.

The plant tag didn't give the exact variety/cross that these are. The plants are about 12" now in the milk and ice cream cartons I've got them in. The other two I'm keeping are in larger containers and more like 16". They are very healthy plants and only need regular watering to be happ. The foliage is very attractive and evergreen here in southern California. This is a perennial plant that blooms twice a year - in late spring/early summer and fall.

Please contact me if you'd like to have them! FREE! I would love them to have a home where they are properly appreciated! Email me at sketchkat06 at gmail dot com (oh the need to avoid spam bots *sigh*)

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